Hello Guys:-)



I am Sofie, 28 years young and a little bit nymphomaniac, which is also the reason why I am reaching out this way.


I was born in Austria / Salzburg and of course speak therefore perfect German. I do also speak English not as good as German, but on about 70% (but I'm busy learning).


Furthermore, I am very strong bi-sexual and love men and women equally.

That's why I like to meet men / women and also couples Besides I work as a model in the fashion industry up to nude and pornart where these great pictures were taken.


In my past I was also very active in athletics and kickboxing, which has always been a lot of fun.


Now I prefer to go swimming, walking and enjoy it to be in the fresh air.


On this way I try to connect the pleasant with the useful :-)



Kisses Sofie